Ever wonder what it’s like to be a New Orleans baby? Or what it means to miss New Orleans? Let the playful rhyming verse and vivid illustrations in Beignets for Breakfast transport children to one of the greatest cities in the world.

In Jeanette Weiland's picture book, Beignets for Breakfast, a parent and child read together, recognize together, and enjoy their days in New Orleans together:

NOLA babies know that Mondays
Include a meal of red beans and rice.
They love beignets for breakfast
And finding a baby in their King Cake slice.

Enhanced by vibrant scenes of iconic New Orleans landmarks and traditionsBeignets for Breakfast awakens readers to all that makes the city such a unique place to grow up in or visit.

Each oversized page features magical watercolor paintings by Allison Lemon. The pops of color capturing the scenes and spirit of New Orleans invite close inspection and repeated requests as a favorite read. Complete with a protective scuff-resistant book jacket over a laminated hardcover, Beignets for Breakfast is sure to become a treasured family favorite.




Elite, competitive, gritty, healthy competitors are made; they are not managed into existence. Tomorrow’s generation of athletes will be made primarily by the good judgment and keen discrimination of parents, mentors, and coaches. None of these will be more important than the support a junior golfer receives from home. In Only One Shot, V. J. Trolio, one of the world's foremost experts on coaching and developing junior golfers, presents his proven process to create a disciplined, structured, and loving environment for junior golfers and prepare them for success.

Time and Patience are the two primary ingredients of wisdom for nurturing young golfers. Inside these pages you will find a coach of young athletes in golf for the past twenty years. He gives you researched facts the he applies to young athletes and their teams. The secret is to recognize the difference between intention and emphasis and how to apply it appropriately and consistently. You will also find the untold story of one young athlete that grew into a five-time champion on the PGA Tour and a Ryder Cup hero. You will be able to see behind the curtain of a world-class career and the important role played by those that surround and nurture the athlete. These two, a coach and an athlete, do not wish to persuade you; but instead they wish to push you to think.

This is more than a great story or entertaining read. It is an approach, a mindset, and a guide that you will use to define, create, and apply to your young athlete. All heroes need a guide and sometimes that guide has "Only One Shot." This book is dedicated to you, the guide. With inspiring insight from the untold story of professional golfer Jim Gallagher Jr.




 Memphis: 200 Years Together does what no other single book has ever accomplished: bringing together the best local writers and scholars to cover the breadth and depth of Memphis history, politics, culture, business, music, food, religion, sports, and art. From the Chickasaw Indians, the Civil War, and the yellow fever epidemic to the civil rights movement, blues to hip hop, and even a foray into barbecue and basketball, Memphis: 200 Years Together chronicles the triumphs and tragedies from the founding of Memphis to the present.

Rather than one unbroken narrative, the essays in this anthology flow across the Memphis landscape, taking readers on a deep-dive to explore where we have been over the past 200 years, what it has meant, and how it has shaped this city. Contributors include: Karen B.Golightly, Jonathan Judaken, Beverly G. Bond, Janann Sherma, Shelby Foote, Timothy S. Huebner, Stephen V. Ash, Molly Caldwell Crosby,G. Wayne Dowdy, Charles L. Hughes, Jennifer Biggs, David Waters, Earnestine Jenkins, Preston Lauterbach, Aram Goudsouzian, Daniel Kiel, Geoff Calkins, and Zandria F. Robinson.




A 2019 Independent Publishers Awards (IPPY) Gold Medal Winner

Andrea's Cooktales: A Keepsake Cookbook. Learn New Recipes, Treasure Old Ones is the debut book of one of America’s top 100 home cooks. This heirloom cookbook is meant to be savored, splattered, and shared. It features "New-Generation" Southern recipes that are unique, fun, and easy to follow. Special stories are behind every recipe, which will inspire your own memories and stories. Learn new recipes to add to your weekday as well as holiday meal rotations. From appetizers to dessert, recipes are both naughty (for splurging) and nice (for healthy eating). A notes section is included for cooking/food questions and answers, as well as journal areas to jot down stories and enter family recipes.

The perfect gift book, it features a scuff-resistant hardcover, Smythe-sewn binding and a ribbon bookmark that will ensure it will be passed along for years. With delicious photography by Memphian Nicole Cole and a foreword by Memphis restaurateur and chef Jennifer Chandler.




 Few possessions are as highly prized by duck hunters as their favorite calls. Enabling the hunter to attract waterfowl by mimicking their sounds, the skillfully crafted and highly individualized calls are revered for the craftsmanship and rich history associated with this uniquely American art form. In Calling the Wild: The History of Arkansas Duck Calls -- A Legacy of Craftmanship and Rich Hunting Tradition, avid Arkansas duck call collector and author Mike Lewis chronicles the history of Arkansas duck call making and captures the spirit of over fifty renowned call makers with enthralling, evocative historical profiles. He recounts how Arkansas artisans dominated the early market and continued to influence the design and refinement of the modern duck call through the vivid combination of images and stories. The four-hundred-page book traces the evolution of call design from 1890 to 2017, featuring the work of call makers whose contributions of handcrafted duck calls are highly regarded as among the most prized in the world. Lewis includes over three hundred call makers and over seven hundred photographs that facilitate identification of the calls in this highly collectable legacy publication. This photographic journal is an invaluable reference book and collector’s guide, a treasurable accessory to waterfowling, woodworking and folk art enthusiasts and a must for collectors who will assuredly pore over its pages time and time again.


Mike Lewis, Author, Whitehall, Arkansas, an attorney, lifelong hunter, and began hunting at an early age. As a native Arkansan, he has lived in an area renowned worldwide for its duck hunting and fine call makers. Lewis began actively collecting duck calls, a uniquely American art form and documenting the history of early call makers in the mid-1990s. Lewis has accumulated one of the world’s most historically and artistically significant collections of Arkansas-made duck calls numbering approximately two-thousand calls dating from 1890 to the present.

Lisa Buser, Photographer, Memphis, is an award-winning photojournalist with more than 20 years of experience in commercial, advertising, and newspaper photography. Buser serves a wide range of clients including Susan Schadt Press, USAToday, The Food Network, CNN, Random House Publishing Group, AutoZone, and Methodist LeBonheur Children’s Hospital. Among her many recognitions is the Media Orthopedic Award for photographs published on





This is the unlikely and inspiring story of how a sprawling footprint of a former prison became a leading American park. At 4,500 acres, the Shelby Farms Park in Memphis, Tennessee, is the largest urban park in the United States--more than five times the size of New York's Central Park. This book about the vision, process, benchmarks and priorities that led to the building of this great park show how people with vision can change a community, and how support from the public can protect land for future generations. Written by Tom Jones with contributions by nationally known park experts and Shelby Farms Park leaders, including James Corner, Alex Garvin, Peter Harnik and Laura Morris, Shelby Farms Park: Elevating a City includes stunning photography by Justin Fox Burks and Murray Riss. 

Tom Jones, Author
Tom Jones writes a monthly City Journal column for Memphis magazine and the Smart City Memphis blog, recognized by the Pew Partnership for Civic Change as “one of the most engaging” civic-minded blogs in the U.S. He lives in Memphis, Tennessee.




A 2017 Independent Publishers Awards (IPPY) Silver Medal Winner Part cookbook, this collection of 42 carefully curated recipes is gratifyingly inviting, inventive, and one of the finest to be found. Part guidebook, acclaimed chefs take us fishing along the coastlines and inland shores of the sporting South, including Birmingham, Alabama, Charleston, South Carolina, Richmond, Virginia, Pensacola, Florida, and Delacroix, Venice, Port Sulphur, and Toledo Bend, Louisiana.

Through narrative and stunning photography they showcase some of the country's most sought-after fishing spots and unknown gems. Susan Schadt’s fourth book chronicling and celebrating the bounty and spirit of American sporting life and culinary culture features James Beard Award winners, semifinalists, and nominees, Food & Wine Best New Chefs and participants on Top Chef, Top Chef Masters and the Food Network.



Amy Lawrence and Justin Fox Burks are a husband-and-wife team who started sharing creative recipes for the home cook via The Chubby Vegetarian blog in 2008. Their first cookbook, The Southern Vegetarian: 100 Down-Home Recipes for the Modern Table (Thomas Nelson) was released in 2013. The Chubby Vegetarian blog along with Amy and Justin's expertise with vegetarian cuisine was highlighted on The Great Food Truck Race on The Food Network, and Justin judged the show’s vegetarian challenge in Memphis.

The new cookbook, The Chubby Vegetarian, is a compelling guide to modern vegetarian cuisine and is a game changer for the home cook with innovative recipes re-imagined with vegetables as the star of the plate. Recipes put a unique new spin on vibrant fare from all over the world like Carrot “Lox,” Shiitake Ramen, Beet and Goat Cheese Ravioli, Grilled Eggplant Bánh Mì sandwiches, and many more surprising culinary translations. Recipes and work by The Chubby Vegetarian have been highlighted in The New York Times, Well blog, The Washington Post, Woman’s Day, The Kitchn, Local Palate, The Huffington Post, Memphis Magazine, Edible Memphis, and The Memphis Flyer.

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